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Deep references 4x
Coz we gifted 4x

Deep references 4x
Coz we gifted 4x

Twisted rap”_👎

Riding on my Trojan horse infecting em with my virus
Never getting tired their hating will never weary us
They want me tired but I tie hard to make the beat die hard
Make their dad stand cos I’m bringing a new standard

The gifted are basically the most underated
Blow job mission i gift head lyrically anticipated
I came i saw I murder they know I participated
Beat ghost hunt me cos the particip hated

(Fast) I told you before that I’m out of league
Raining with fire now you looking for seige
Don’t pull me down like a lady’s undies cos I’m on this and I run this…if you’re hating, better stop this
Cos I’m ready to blow like a wrong fuse
Now you amazed and you confused
Life is a maze but I brought a corn fuse

Fucking hoes and popping pills I’m feeling like a rockstar
Twisting words and playing with words I’m feeling like a pun star
Making your heart beat…I’m feeling like a producer
When twisted z on the mic I make the thing go prata ta ta

Pioneer Rap” _^👎

It’s been long so I wanna give back to the street tho
Get your extinguisher ready, Cus Fire I’m gonna spit o
So after all my logics and theories you should know the real king
So let the game start, open the box ring
I got this killer vibe skills full in my diary
Many real attacks so stay far away from my territory
I’m talented and gifted
So, I can’t be uprooted
Ofete, you’re mentioning the kings my name not listed, Oti n be, kosi n be
So who is the f*cking champion if I’m not the Ben 10, The legend, so I gaz be awarded expected.
You’re the king cus the killers are scarce
I’m the real king when the killers attack
Nigga give respect to those who due for it
This is a master game so malofunrae ni efori
Give unto ceasars what belongs to, Give references to those people who deserve too

Bobbiebloggs rap”_👎

WAIT I’m the best forever y’all mofos can say whatever I’ll never stop like I’m running from the cops,gbogbo rapper ti GBE ninu industry ain’t never stop,rap is all I do muth’fuvkers y’all should know that I’m talking bigger picture I ain’t talk kodak,ibile lemi ninu rap game mo bad gan,no marlian music yes yes moh bad gan,I’m so gifted I’m a genius,send my way crown to the top I’m feeling like a Greek god I’m a meduza lemme know who the best is,I ball pass MARADONA I’m feeling like a TESTES,I’m the ace in my hood dont need a muth’fuvking title,outlaws breaking rules like I’m moses in the bible these rappers are my kids in need to put em in the cradle,I’m so gifted so talented I need a muth’fuvking coup

Hipopo beatz rap”_*👎

I’m gifted in my flow locally pass Reminisce
I’m d best keep looking for the good ones by any means
That’s anonymous I go outshine all my enemies
Deep references digging all shitx for different territory’s
I’m flowing from a pool of liquids but no be lake
I’m going Canadian on dis rap shit but I no be drake
I wanna broke d street record but it feels like it’s impossible
But I go fuck this beat and get paid as If it was a prostitute
I don’t give a fuck u can say I’m stingy with my cutlery
I’m fucking all singles u can call me Mr Adultery
They wanna branch after the leave coz im an adult Tree
Cut d crap I came to set the pace in ur territory
Deep references looking for Aiye locally
Massacre killings of the People brutally
No be joke gifted no be highness before u flow
Ready d smoke wen u change d dog to a lion call d snoops

Repeat “// again
Deep references looking for Aiye locally
Massacre killings of the People brutally
No be joke gifted no be highness before u flow
Ready d smoke wen u change d dog to a lion call d snoops

Deep references 4x
Coz we gifted 3x
Fade out

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