Why Nigeria Suspended Twitter, And What It Means For You

Why Nigeria Suspended Twitter, And What It Means For You

The federal government of Nigeria suspended the use of Twitter in Nigeria indefinitely on Friday June 4, 2021. This news came as a shock to many.

For so many people, it’s unclear why Twitter was suspended in the country. So the question is raised. Why are Nigerians restricted from using the app and its services?

Why Nigeria Suspended Twitter

According to The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who made the announcement, the platform was suspended because users are using Twitter in a way that undermines Nigeria’s corporate existence.

In addition to this, the Federal Government also directed the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to immediately commence the process of licensing all OTT and social media operations in the country.

What does the suspension/ban mean for you?

This means you cannot use Twitter or any of its services as long as you are using a Nigerian network connection. Yes, you cannot tweet, read tweets, retweet or send/check dms. Nothing at all.

If your business relies on Twitter ads, you’ll have to look for other means to reach your customers pending when this suspension is lifted.

What options do I have after FG of Nigeria Suspended Twitter?

Use a VPN.
You can use any VPN to cloak your ip address. VPN is a Virtual Private Network. An app like Turbo VPN can easily change your address so you can access your Twitter.

But there’s a catch! It’s not so easy as it seems. There are some implications you’ll have to consider when using a VPN

What are the implications of using a VPN for Twitter?

Since VPNs are not app specific, you’re changing the ip address for everything on your phone. Therefore, the following are affected:

Uber/Bolt: Your location will change. So you’ll have to disconnect your VPN each time you want to book a ride.

Google Map: You’ll also have to disconnect the VPN so you can properly use Google Maps for directions

Other Social media apps: Since your location will have to change, some apps may log you out for security reasons, and your account may require you submit valid IDs in some cases to get your account back. This was meant to protect you.

Web search: Since your location is now in another country, all your searches will show results based on the new country you are in. You’ll have to disconnect the VPN to get search results from

Banks: Its tough having to visit banks for banking issues. Now, you can’t tweet at your bank to resolve issues immediately as before. No dms. You can either go to the bank, make a phone call, or use any other alternative made available.

These are just some areas you’ll find challenging when you use a VPN. There’s more, and the frustration will grow as this continues.

Those who will find this even more challenging are crypto traders/investors.

How does the Twitter ban in Nigeria affect cryptocurrency traders?

Since Crypto Twitter (CT) is the number one place for all things crypto, traders are automatically cut off from contact with their investments, bar other avenues.
Yes, the use of a VPN will overcome that, but it will likely come at great costs. More than what had been outlined above.

Most traders use more than one crypto exchange. And these exchanges have strict rules for security reasons. Your account could get flagged for “suspicious activities”, and you may be required to provide some documents. If you cannot provide them, your account with that exchange may get lost along with your funds with them.

If you are connecting to a VPN, do not connect to USA. Binance.com is banned in the US

You can be cautious enough to toggle on and off your VPN. But it won’t be as easy. Because every crypto trader needs unrestricted access to Twitter. You want to see the hottest news before another person. You want to follow the trend, not read about a trend.

And since crypto has been one of the biggest poverty alleviation opportunity for Nigerians, it becomes very frustrating to be cautious enough to stay in the news while not causing harm to oneself.

If you can afford to, just get a smartphone dedicated to Twitter alone. This will save you a lot of stress and necessary back and forth.


Using VPN is the best solution at the moment. But you’ll have to be very careful while doing so. Make sure to have it off when you need to log into your Binance account, Facebook account, or make a search on Google

Till the suspension is over, that’s all Nigerians have got.

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